2 Circumstances Where People Want to Move the Piano by Themselves

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Moving the piano is such a laborious task. It is always recommended that when you move a clunky and heavy piece such as this you should hire professional people whose skillset is aligned to this, like professional piano movers in San Diego. However, we’ve read that people don’t always have the luxury to hire such because of other circumstances. These circumstances are laid out before you.  


People Can’t Afford Hundreds of Dollars 

One of the complaints of people who try to move their piano to another room or to another house is that it’s going to cost them hundred dollars for the whole move. So they try to do the DIY approach and move the piano by themselves. However, if you’re in the same shoes, can you afford the damages and injuries that might occur if ever?  

The piano has keys and other components that are difficult to repair or replace and might cost you thousands of dollars. Before you embark on the journey on your own, can you afford to have injuries and leave off work because of an injury? Can you take the guilt if the person who asked help from will also suffer the same injuries? If your answer is no to all of these, then find a way to borrow those hundreds of dollars.  

They Have Friends Who are Strong  

If you’re one of those people who have lots of strong friends, you might think of just hiring them or asking help from them to move your piano. Well, if they have the strength it might be able to move the piano. But the problem is, all of you don’t know how to use the proper technique for moving it, and you don’t even have the proper equipment!  

According to professional piano movers we talked, aside from actually lifting the piano, you have to do some tipping and lowering the piano on its dolly to make sure you can achieve the balance. If you’re moving down in the stairs, the process becomes more difficult. It might look really easy on them but it’s really difficult because of the piano’s weight.  

The process becomes extremely difficult if you’re going to encounter 6 consecutive steps, imagine moving it from upstairs with 30 or more steps. Are you sure you’re still up for the challenge? Movers will have to carry the piano all the way, which increases the difficulty factor because of the weight. This can be achieved successfully if all of you in the crew works in unity and know your part.  

The process requires extreme concentration and skills to keep the piano balanced while you carry it down the stairs. Anyone of you could badly injure your back if one of your gets unbalanced. Imagine this, the more steps involved and the larger the piano, and tougher it is to carry and keep balanced. Carrying it is really difficult.  

Catastrophic things might occur. Your friends are strong but if they don’t know the proper techniques, it would be useless.  

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Replacing Your Roof 

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Roof replacement is job number one within the home remodel overflow. From drywall installation on down to the most delicate swipe of paint to every single project you undertake will be ruined if you do not protect it properly with a roof. To help you, here are some things that you need to remember before replacing your roof. 



As much as on your own personal statement, your choice of roofing materials often depends on your locality. The kind of roofing shingles that you will use will be greatly affected by the roof pitch. Wood shake shingles are designed for steeper pitched roofs but not suitable for low pitched roofs. 

Asphalt composition shingles are cheap and easily obtainable, but not that attractive due to a flat surface while wood shake is attractive but quite expensive. On the other hand, metal roofing is still rare and few roofers know how to install it properly making it quite hard to find the right roofing company. 

Slate roofing is highly attractive and a high-end roofing option but quite slippery to walk making it dangerous for repairs while rubber slate is gaining popularity because it is a recycled post-industrial synthetic.  


You must decide whether you will remove shingles or roof over them. Materials can get too heavy for the underlying roof framing which makes it the main argument against laying an additional layer of asphalt shingles. For older houses, this can be a structural problem. It is an exceedingly heavy type of material. 

Repeating some of the surface irregularities that may already be there is one problem with shingling over existing shingles. There is probably a good chance that you may have bubbles, bumps, and waves that you need to get rid of if you are contemplating on putting a new roof. It doesn’t do much for the aesthetic aspect if you put new shingles over.  

It adds more work to the process if you strip off the existing layer and then laying down a new layer. It can be quite rough if you are only the one who will do the job but it will not be a problem for professional roofing installers.  


The roofing materials that you will be using will greatly determine the cost of your roofing, even though you will just need roof repair services, it will still cost you especially if your existing roof system is expensive. You must feel that you have the license to do so because roofing contractors have a great deal of flexibility to negotiate the cost. 


The main reason why we select a roofing contractor is that it consists of a well-coordinated roofing team that can efficiently do the job. A large team of professional roofers who can finish work in hours rather than days is the key because they can take advantage of dry periods in off seasons. 


Because they deal with such vast quantities, roofers speak in terms of squares because it is pointless to discuss in smaller units. You must also understand the basic process of roofing even though you will be not the one who will install the roof shingles.

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3 Simple Ways to Remove Bubble Gum from Your Carpet

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Most people love bubble gums because of different reasons; it could be that they love the flavor, they love chewing it, a way to ease anxiety, or even as a substitute to smoking. Many people, however, it may be a member of your household or some of your guests, are not disciplined enough to throw the bubble gum in a proper place afterward (intentionally or unintentionally). 

Some of these bubble gums stick to places where they shouldn’t be, like our carpets. Bubble gum sticking on our carpets is one of the most annoying and tricky cleaning issues you will face. You need not worry though because I will share with you three simple ways to remove bubble gum from your carpet. 


1. Use Ice

One of the simplest ways to deal with this problem is to use ice; this method is best used when the gum is still very fresh. Put the ice cubes in a sealable bag, make sure that the exterior of the bag has only minimal moisture to avoid making your carpet wet.  

Place the bag on top of the gum for a minute, touch the game if it became hard. If the gum is hard enough, get your thinnest spatula and use it to scrape the gum off the carpet. If there are residues and stubborn pieces left, place the ice directly on it and also use a cleaning solution to remove stains. Lastly, get a dry cleaning towel and place it on the spot to absorb the moisture. 

2. Use Oil

While making the gum harder by using ice, you can also remove it by getting it softer by using oil. Be careful on not spilling the oil on the carpet; better use a towel to soak up a considerable amount of oil so you can control it better. Rub the wet towel into the gum slowly until the gum is considerably soft. 

When the gum gets soft enough, get a butter knife and slowly scrape off the gum. Make sure that you will only have one direction in scraping because scraping it back and forth might damage the carpet fibers. You can also make a wiping motion and then slowly lift up the gum piece by piece. To finish up, get an oil fighting detergent to remove the oil on your carpet.  

3. Use Other forms of Solvent

There are many cleaning solvents out there that can dissolve or soften the properties of the gum. To avoid putting too many solvents, use the same method of using and soaking it in a dry towel. Dab the towel gently into the gum and let the gum absorb the solvent for around six to ten minutes.  

When the gum gets dissolved or gets softer, also use butter and remove it slowly. After removing the gum, it is also important to remove the solvent because it can cause fading. Use some amounts of lukewarm water and combine it with a detergent to remove the remaining solvent.  

If you have tried these three simple ways, and the gum is still there, you better call professional carpet cleaning smithtown ny, to remove it completely and safely. 

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